Liability Policy

Below are links to PDF versions of the NEA/NSEA Liability Policy-- the same information members find in the membership materials mailed out each August.

The only information NOT included in this PDF is the Claims Procedure, which states:


The following occurrencesshould be reported immediately to Trish Guinan, Director, Program Director, Member Rights, Nebraska State Education Association, 605 S. 14th Street, Suite 200, Lincoln, NE 68508:

    1. Any incident involving the death or injury requiring medical attention to a student arising out of a school activity;
    2. The receipt by the Insured of a notice of claim, lien letter from an attorney, or service of summons or law suit; or
    3. Any situation the Insured believes to be covered by the policy.

    Do not contact an attorney to represent you before contacting Trish Guinan at Nebraska State Education Association at 402-475-7611 or 800-742-0047. When making contact the Insured should be prepared to present a brief description of the occurrence and a copy of any legal documents.

    Please note: You will need your member ID number to view the policies below.