Belz/Lynch/Krause Educational Grant Fund

Is your local association or a local member considering efforts to improve the association or to develop instructional materials or staff development to your local association members?

If that's the case, your association or member could be considered for a Belz/Lynch/Krause Educational Grant from NSEA to help fund the project.

The grants shall be made to applicants seeking funding for projects related to improving their local association, development of instructional materials, or to provide staff development for individuals of the local association.

A letter describing the experience and evaluating the project shall be submitted to the standing committee within three months after completion of the project, and NSEA reserves the right to require the written evaluation and project receipts prior to the release of the grant fund.

Applications are accepted for the Belz/Lynch/Krause Educational Grant Fund once a year in the Spring term. The Application will become available in November of the previous year, and then suspended after deadline. Contact Sally Bodtke at NSEA Headquarters for more information or if you have questions. Call 1-800-742-0047, or via e-mail